Marmalade and a night out!

The end of January signals the time to make Seville marmalade. One batch usually lasts the entire year in the B&B. Last year I was thrown into the deep-end when my uncle got called into work just as we'd started making the marmalade. I had very little idea what I was doing, but I muddled through and the marmalade I made actually came second in the local horticulture show!  Here is what has made me happy this week.

Seville marmalade
This year I felt more confident when it came to making the marmalade. I had an idea what I was doing and fingers crossed it does well in the next show!

Sleeping cat

Watching Bruce spend his entire day in this position. I would love to spend a day as a cat. I don't think he moved for about six hours. It was clearly a tough day!

Sorting hama beads

Sorting Hama beads. It might be a thankless task, but it's kind of therapeutic. Just sitting in one spot with a cup of tea for half an hour feels amazing!

Sunny morning Yorkshire dales

It's been another stormy week, so it was really nice to see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. It hasn't been around much though.

First Direct Arena Leeds

A night out! My husband and I get out for nights out without each other but very rarely go for a night out together. In fact so rarely that Saturday night was the first time we've ever had a babysitter to put the children to bed. They're nearly five and seven. Here's hoping we get another night out together in the next five years.

Reeves and mortimer

We went to see Reeves and Mortimer, who were a huge part of me growing up. Shooting Stars was one of the only programmes that we sat down together and watched as a family. I was glad to see the dove from above making an appearance.

What has made you happy in the past week?