Orchard Toys Woodland Party Jigsaw Review

My daughter loves jigsaws, so when we were sent the Woodland Party Jigsaw by Orchard Toys to review she was really excited to try it. She is nearly five and loves testing herself with jigsaws. My son likes them too, but wouldn't sit and do one by himself, we all have to get involved!

Orchard Toys Woodland Party Jigsaw
We all decided to do the jigsaw together. This is a 70 piece puzzle and it's large enough to sort the straight edges from the middle bits. In all honesty, that's one of my favourite parts, it makes me feel happy to know the right parts are together. Then we put the outside straight edges together first, so that we can see how big the puzzle is going to be.

Orchard Toys Jigsaw

This is a colourful jigsaw with an enchanted woodland scene on it. There are some lovely familiar characters, alongside magical animals. It promotes imaginative play, encourages observational skills, encourages discussion and develops hand eye coordination.

Doing a jigsaw

This is such a lovely jigsaw and we all really enjoyed putting it together. It was nice to see the children working together for once rather than competing, which they do far too often!

final jigsaw piece

There was very nearly a fight over who got to place the last piece into the puzzle, but my daughter strategically managed to cling on to the last one, meaning it was down to her to finish it!

Completed woodland puzzle

Once the jigsaw is complete, you can then discuss the picture and use it for imaginative play. We had fun looking at the different characters and my children loved the squirrel taking pictures of the badger.

The jigsaw retails at £9.75 and you can find out more on the Orchard Toys website. The puzzle is recommended for 4 to 7 year olds. We really enjoyed this jigsaw and would highly recommend it.