Dear Beautiful Girl...

You have just turned five, and it's that time of year again for me to write you a letter. You have just turned 5. You placed a lot of significance on turning 5. You thought on that day you would be taller, faster and stronger. You are doing all those things, but just not in one day! In September you started school and you adore it. Your reading is amazing and your willingness to learn is exemplary. Long may it continue!

Last year I wrote that you ask 'why' a lot. This year you don't question things as much, possibly because you already know the answer! You have started talking with your hands, lighting up your whole body with expression, it's wonderful to see. You like time out to deal with emotions. You like to make people laugh when they're sad. Some of the faces you pull make us all laugh out loud. You're a great little comedian and we love you for it. You need to know that it's okay to cry though.

The other day you told me that the reason you had nightmares sometimes was due to the "reflections in your eyes". Seriously, you blow me away with some of the things you say!

I asked you what you want to be when you grow up and you told me you want to be a dog. If you can't be a dog, then a teacher will do! Whatever you choose to be, you will do well.

You love being messy and you are a fabulous little gardener. You help me out in the garden clearing, digging, planting. I know I can rely on you to water the plants very thoroughly. It's great to have a willing helper, because I can't do it all by myself!

Crafts come thick and fast from you. Every day when I pick you up from school you have made something new. This morning you picked a pizza box out of the recycling bin so that you could make something out of it! I think your craft is brilliant. You will happily sit down for an hour and draw/paint/stick/cut an amazing creation. I am very sorry that you sometimes find your crafts in the recycling bin. I am even more sorry that I blame this on your great uncle, when it's totally my fault! There's only so much we can keep! Rest assured it is all photographed and we keep your best bits.

A few weeks ago our cat Bruce had to be put down. You adored him and you've found it hard without him. He was very special. I don't know many cats who would put up with the amount of times you dressed him up or chased him round. He loved cuddles with you. I hope you will form a great bond with Dylan the cat who we've had for a week now.

I still struggle to get you to wear dresses or skirts. Your spiderman outfit is your go-to birthday party outfit. I think you must feel invincible in it, so I always let you wear it.

You have absolutely no fear whatsoever when it comes to anything involving adrenaline! We went to Disneyland Paris last month and you were only just tall enough for Crush's Coaster, but when you got off you exclaimed "That. Was. Awesome". Your other favourite ride was Tower of Terror, which I absolutely hated but you loved because it "tickled your tummy"! I could barely walk after because I was shaking so much!

I am so very proud of the wonderful person you have become. Your intelligent attitude to life is amazing to watch. I appreciate now, as I'm sure my mum did, that I will no longer always be right.

I love you so much little girl.


Mummy x