Month in a minute - March 2016

That's the birthday month over and done with for another year! This was the first year that we attempted two separate parties for our children, both on the same weekend. One on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday. It was hard work! At least we know that's it for another year. My children are now 5 and 7 and they seem so big! My son certainly is going through a phase of teenage attitude, which I'm not very impressed with!

We've had an odd month in terms of weather, starting with heavy snow and ending with snow! I love snow and am sad we haven't had more this year, but I know plenty of people who really dislike it! In between the snow we've had a lot of sunshine and it's been finally feeling like spring. It's been so nice to get out and about in the garden, clearing and preparing for this year's plants!

Here is my March, in just over a minute, due to the 31 days!

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