Trolley Bags Review

Back in December I visited the Foodies Festival in Harrogate and I saw a company selling Trolley Bags. They looked incredible and I totally regretted not taking enough money with me so that I could treat myself. So when I was contacted recently to ask if I would like to review them, I was very pleased. Trolley Bags are a system of four different sized bags which are connected together with Velcro. They can be easily racked open and upright in the shopping trolley for maximum convenience during your supermarket shop

Trolley bags on trolley

The bags fold up really small, meaning that you can attach them to the back of the trolley on your way around the supermarket. I received the smaller bags (express), to fit in a small trolley, although there are also large bags available (original) to use in a deeper trolley. The bags are now also available in different colours, and I love the new pastel options!

Trolley bags at checkout

Once you have unloaded all your shopping at the checkout, the bags come into their own. They slide out in size order and fill the trolley completely. They then make packing the shopping incredibly easy.  I always used to keep loads of reusable bags in the back of my car, but they never sat very well in the trolley at checkout and I usually ended up having to use one hand to hold the bag and the other to pack. This system ensures that you can have both hands free to pack which really speeds the process up. 

Trolley bags in car park

I love that you can also categorise your shopping, using one bag for items for the fridge/freezer, another for heavy goods, one for fresh vegetables and fruit and the final one for other items. I find that this really helps with unpacking once you get home too. Once you get to your car, the bags detach easily from each other so that you can put them into the car separately. I love how much they hold and how strong they are. They are definitely stronger and hold more than any of my other reusable bags. I was a little sceptical that they would be strong, but they are very sturdy and hard wearing. They fit really well into the boot too, leaving me plenty of room for other things, like children's coats and lunch boxes.

Trolley bags in boot

I have used these bags in Aldi, Morrisons and Tesco and the trolley they fitted the best was in Aldi (pictured above), which is handy as that is where I mainly do my shopping. They fit well in all the smaller trolleys I have tried. For more information, check out Packing Sorted's website. These are genuinely one of the best products I have ever been sent to review. They are so well designed and it makes them a pleasure to use. The trolley bags retail at £17.99 and I would highly recommend them.

Disclosure: We received this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.