Last Minute Father's Day Present Ideas!

If you're anything like me, then the fact that it's Father's Day in two days (19th June), may have escaped your knowledge. In fairness, I did know it was soon, I just hadn't realised it was THAT soon! Thankfully, my husband is in France for a few days at Euro2016, so I have a little time to prepare!

Here are a few last minute items that you are perfectly within your rights to nip out and buy tomorrow. I know I shall be!

We're big fans of Better Call Saul and I know my husband would love this t-shirt. It's available at Amazon and is priced at £15 for a medium size top.

I think this idea of beer and socks is good. My husband is often short of socks (I know not why) and he also likes beer, so it's a win-win in my book! This four pack of beer and a pair of socks is available exclusively from Ocado and is priced at £15.99,

If you have a Dr Who fan in the house, then how about the 9th series on DVD? Or even some TARDIS cufflinks. I have to admit that my husband does in fact already have some of these!

Making something homemade and preferably edible is also a great idea. How about some recipes to tie in with Euro 2016? Check out my World Cup Recipes for some inspiration!

If all else fails, I would recommend giving your child a box and getting them to wrap up random stuff from around the house! You can also add some artwork from school to the box for added cuteness! This is what my daughter has done and, I'll be honest, it's pretty cute. The little box is in a corner with 'daddy' written on it and loads of love hearts. She has spent so much time and effort on it that he can't fail to love it!

Disclosure: Some links are Amazon affiliate.