Persil Bio Capsules review

Running a B&B means that I get through an awful lot of washing! Even though I now send the sheets and duvet covers out to laundry, I am still left with all the towels and pillowcases to wash. It’s amazing how dirty white towels can get. From people who take all their make-up off to walkers cleaning their bloodied feet, there are all sorts of things which can be on our towels and pillows. I’m always looking for a washing detergent which has the power to remove those stains without having to use an additional stain remover in the wash.

Persil Bio Capsules Review

Persil recently asked me to try out their new bio capsules. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed. They have got the stains out with ease and left the towels bright white. It's a pretty tough ask to get blood, make up and fake-tan out of towels, so I'm chuffed that these work so well!

dirty feet

They're also great knowing how dirty my children manage to get sometimes, especially in the garden! My daughter is forever coming inside with a new bug as a friend or some worms to show us. My son has constant muddy knees from playing so much football!

Persil Mono Capsules  have two extra capsules in every pouch, meaning they offer even better value for powerful stain removal. Persil understands that ‘Dirt is Good’, and thanks to the added capsules in the new Persil Mono Capsules pouches, you can say yes to more messy adventures. Puddle jumping, practicing cartwheels in the park, painting their next masterpiece – wherever the mess comes from, Persil Mono Capsules are on hand to spin it away.

Playing with worms

The newly designed Persil Mono Capsules pouches not only contain extra capsules, but they have 70% less plastic. They are available in 12, 22 and 38 packs – with the 12 and 22 pack containing two extra capsules and the 38 pack containing three extra capsules, to power even more messy play. I really am very impressed with them and am very grateful that I've found something to get the towels clean when we have messy guests!

Disclosure: We were sent two packets of Persil Mono Capsules for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on this post, which is honest and fair.