Bunch O Balloons Review

Last year, in my infinite wisdom, I decided it would be fun to have a water balloon fight with the children. In theory it was a great idea. In practice, I lost the will to live after about half an hour of trying to fill balloons . In the end I gave up after having only managed fifteen. It was so frustrating. The kids didn't seem to mind, but we had certainly all lost a bit of enthusiasm by the time it came round to actually having a water fight! This year we have been sent Bunch O Balloons and I couldn't wait to find out how much time it would save me!

Bunch O Balloons was winner of ’Toy of the Year 2016’ at the Nuremberg Fair and is now available for the first time in UK stores this summer! With Bunch O Balloons you can fill and tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. Amazingly you don't need to tie the balloons, once they are full with water, they break free from the filler and seal themselves.

Initially I was unsure as to whether it would work as our tap and hosepipe is not a standard size. Thankfully, inside the pack of Bunch O Balloons are two different nozzle attachments, and one of them was absolutely perfect for the job. It took around a minute to fill the balloons and I found that it helped if  I raised the hose a little so that gravity could help them fall off the when they were full. There were a couple in the pack which didn't seal themselves, but the remaining balloons were all sealed and ready to go!

My husband had been away for a week, so the kids thought it would be funny to lie in wait for his car and then throw loads of water balloons at him as he got home. After a week away, I did nothing to discourage my children from this! He was absolutely soaked within minutes of returning home!

We really enjoyed trying out Bunch O Balloons and they're fab for summer water bomb fights. They were very easy to use and worked really well.

Available now in the UK are the X-Shot Bunch O Balloons 3 pack (RRP £9.99), X-Shot Bunch O Balloons Launcher Pack (RRP £14.99) and X-Shot Bunch O Balloons Value Launcher Pack (RRP 24.99).

Disclosure: We were sent the Bunch O Balloons pack for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.