Digital Kids Show at Event City

This October sees a fantastic new show for children interested in technology. Digital Kids Show will be at Event City in Manchester on the 29th and 30th of October. The Digital Kids Show is set to bring to life the exciting world of the Internet in a fun, friendly and engaging format suitable for the whole family. 

 The show features six different zones, including Gaming and Retro Tech where parents and kids can play their favourite games old and new together, Appletics and Kids Food Zone showcasing the best apps for getting healthy, learning skills and eating well, Safe Tech Zone helps to inform parents about best practice for keeping children safe online with advice on dealing with cyber bullies, avoiding predators and staying protected from hackers and viruses. The Digital, Stem and Coding Skills Zone provides children with skills for the future mixing education and fun. The Children’s Media Zone will be a great space to meet children’s TV favourites as well as vloggers and bloggers.

My children are five and seven and are both really interested in technology. To be fair, I am as interested in technology now as I was as a child. I love it! My children don't have games consoles but they like to play games on the ipad and, let's be honest, would play on a console if they could!
For children, the event also features fairground rides, a soft play area, a driving experience for 11-17 years old, a scooter disco and a real chance to meet the brands behind the families most loved gadgets.  
I am incredibly excited that the show is set to be headlined by Children’s TV sensations Dick and Dom. They're childhood favourites of mine and still make me giggle. The Digital Kids Show also features a plethora of other talent from the world of Children’s TV and media. Today it has been announced that four more Minecraft superstars have joined the Digital Kids Show line up as the who’s who of the YouTube fraternity scramble to join the event roster. The latest additions to the show’s exciting line up include Ethan Gamer, SalemsLadyM, Netty Plays and Mini Matt Smith aka MinecartMayhem who join AshDubh, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee, Tomohawk and Smallishbeans.

The Children’s Media Zone, highlights that kids want more than just TV, they want to immerse themselves in YouTube and apps that deliver their favourite content on demand. Come and say hi to your favourite on screen idols and see what they can offer you online.

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Disclosure: We are being provided with tickets for Digital Kids Show for the purpose of this post and a review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.