Tsum Tsums Squishies Review

It's not often that my children get into the latest crazes but the arrival of Disney Tsum Tsums Squishies has changed that! It's also pretty rare that I am almost as enthusiastic as the children about anything collectable, but these are really cute and I am nearly as eager as them to collect some more!

Tsum Tsum is pronounced ‘zoom zoom’ and translated from the Japanese meaning ‘stack stack’. They originated from a Japanese app, which received over ten million downloads in the first two months! There are fifty to collect in Series one, including eight Rare Characters and four Ultra Rare Characters.

Disney Tsum Tsums

Tsum Tsum Squishies are squishable versions of your favourite Disney stars. You can share and swap with friends and they're great to stack and stack. These adorable Disney figures are ideal for ages three and up. They're a bit tempting to put in mouths, so I definitely wouldn't recommend them for younger children who are likely to try and chew them.

Series 2 Flocked Tsum Tsums launched in June 2016 and means you can now also collect the latest explosion of Tsum Tsum Plush with the new cute and cuddly plush soft toys! Just like the squishable versions, you can stack these adorable plushes to make awesome Tsum Tsum Plush pyramids! That's not all - pat their backs and watch them come alive with adorable sounds and their cute blushing cheeks light up!

Packs of  Disney Tsum Tsum Squishies can be bought for £2.99 for a two pack and £4.99 for a four pack. 

tsum tsum squashies disney

One of the things I love about them is that the children can play with them in the bath. At five and seven there aren't many toys which are age appropriate to play in water with. I find bath toys are largely aimed at younger children.

They're a hit in our household, and my son has just spent his birthday money on three more small packs! I can't see this craze dying out any time soon here!

Disclosure: We were provided with a pack of Tsum Tsums for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on this post, which is honest and fair.