July Month in a Minute 2016

July seems to pass in that haze of the last few weeks of school and trying to plan what on earth you are going to do without six weeks of school! July also saw my husband and I have our first couple of nights away by ourselves since before we had children. It was so, so nice to get away by ourselves and not answer nagging questions every three seconds! We've also seen the children's summer show at school, said goodbye to the wonderful head and also waved farewell to year two and reception. They're growing up! As well as getting away, I have continued with my running and have run 5k three times a week (until the school holidays started and now I am struggling for time). I'm so proud that I'm still running. I never thought I would. You can read more about my couch to 5k beginner tips if you like.

Have a peek at our month. It's flown by!

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