Losing you.

It feels like no time at all. 
I was so pleased to have you back in my life. 
To be able to tell you things about me.
For you to learn who I really am.
Rather than who you have been told I am.

I have always put my trust in you.

You have helped me. 
Built with me.
Together we are a team.
We work well.
There are so many similarities.

But there are differences too.
Opinions which are not the same.
Contrasts in the stories we tell.

Suddenly I feel stranded.
Set adrift.
Your allegiance lies elsewhere.
In a place where I feel unwelcome.
In the way.

I will never obstruct that relationship.
You have chosen.
I respect that.

When you are able to know me again.
Remember that I am here.

I love you.
I will miss you.
I shall wait. 

But know that I am changed.
My hope is fading.
My heart is breaking.

It can be put together again.
One day.

Hope - four leaf clover