Walkers Bugles, tasty and fun!

Walkers Bugles are a new corn based snack which comes in three different flavours, sour cream and black pepper, cheese and Southern Style BBQ. They come in a fun cone shape, which also means you can do more than just eat them, you can play with them too! A multi-purpose snack!

Walkers Bugles
Our household favourite were the cheese flavour, so they were the ones we decided to have a little fun with! We had a great time using them in addition to dominoes to create as long a domino trick as we possibly could! If we hadn't of fun out of dominoes, we definitely could have made it an awful lot longer!

Walkers Bugles and dominoes

 It was great fun trying to get the dominoes to go round different obstacles and fall down in certain patterns. The Walkers Bugles were a perfect addition and didn't hinder the dominoes at all. They were all the same height too, which definitely helped! When we knocked them all over, then we had to decide whether or not to build the trick again, or simply eat the bugles!

Walkers Bugles domino trick

Once we'd had enough of playing with the dominoes, we decided to get out the board games and play using bugles as our pieces. It helped to build small towers so that we knew whose pieces were whose! I love getting out the old board games at the B&B, these boards are ones that my mum used to play with when she was little!

Walkers Bugles board game

Walkers Bugles are available in all good supermarkets and can either be purchased in a larger 110g sharing bag, priced at £1.99 or in multipacks of 6 20g bags, priced at £1.50! To find out more, check out Walkers website. We really enjoyed these as a snack and were perfect to take on a picnic with us for all the family to share. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in association with Walkers. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.