Back to School Surprises | Education Quizzes

My children have been back at school for a couple of weeks now and it has thrown up some interesting surprises. After a pretty trying summer with them both, my first surprise was that I missed them a bit. I had got so used to them both being around that I actually missed their little personalities. I didn't miss the constant bickering though, and it was nice to have a cup of tea and a wee (not at the same time) without being pestered!

The second surprise from being back at school was that it is a bit tougher for them both this year. My daughter has gone up from Reception to Year One and my son has gone into Year Three and Key Stage Three. Thankfully they both love school, and the school is very good with the amount of homework they receive. Recently we have also been trying out Education Quizzes for KS1 and KS2 as it's a really engaging way to encourage them with their learning.

Education Quizzes are aimed at all children and have quizzes from Key Stage One to GCSE level. Each level has a huge range of quizzes which encompass the whole of the curriculum. Learning through quizzes is such a fun way to learn, especially when it is done in such a way that the child doesn't realise that they are learning! Education Quizzes does this really well and my son in particular loves using the quizzes to assist his learning. The quizzes are written by teachers, so you know that the people writing them are suitably qualified.

I think it's really useful that the answers in the quiz are multiple choice. It means that they really have to concentrate on the answers and not simply guess which answer is right. The quizzes are also marked instantly and any corrections are clearly explained. This is great because children can use the website independently. My son in particular responds well to competition, and loves to watch Quizzes on TV, so this is a perfect way for him to learn.

Education Quizzes

Education Quizzes are a monthly subscription site. The price per month is £9.95 and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. You only need one subscription per family and you can use the whole range of quizzes available. However, it is possible for your child's school to subscribe to the service on behalf of the students and benefit from greatly reduced costs. Depending on the size of the school, it is possible to sign up students from as little as £2 per year. This would pass on the learning benefits to children without the parents needing to subscribe themselves.

We have really enjoyed trying out Education Quizzes and there were so many different quizzes available that it would take months to get through them all. I really feel that my children have benefited from doing extra quizzes at home in addition to their normal school work. As the quizzes are fun and engaging, it really doesn't feel like learning, which is definitely a bonus!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.