Georgie the Interactive Puppy Review

My daughter has been begging me for a puppy for about the past two years. She loves dogs. She often pretends to be a dog and has the bark down to a fine tee. In fact, if she barks outside, other dogs start barking too! We were asked to try out Georgie, an interactive puppy and I knew that she would be absolutely delighted. It also lets me off the hook for a bit too, and I have the bonus of not having to clean up puppy poo!

Georgie the interactive dog

Georgie is an electronic dog who has plush fur and a soft stuffing. Included in the box are an adoption certificate, a rechargeable battery and cord, a rope toy, a neck bandana and a guide. The packaging has a dual use and can be used to make Georgie’s own collar, ID tag and carrier so he can be everywhere with you.

Georgie responds to his adopted owner with 12 voice commands including High Five, Let’s Dance, Sit, Stand Up, Selfie and more. He also has 100 different interactions, bringing hours of fun. He is always ready for a game of tug-of-war with his favourite rope toy. When it’s bedtime, Georgie loves to have a snuggle. He buries his face and says “I love you” in his sweet puppy voice.

interactive dog hi five

We have absolutely loved getting to know Georgie and playing with him. We've had a couple of issues with him not understanding the children, but these haven't caused too many issues and I think it's largely because they have slightly different accents. Georgie is not only clever, but he is also well trained. He comes complete with his own puppy-training guide and adoption certificate for you to personalise at home. It's great that there is a guide to remind you of the different voice commands he responds to.

One of the best parts about Georgie is that he can be charged when his batteries run low. This makes such a welcome change from having to replace batteries all the time. Overall, Georgie is a great toy. The interactive element is fantastic, but you can also have a lot of fun with him without the voice commands.

Tug of war interactive dog

Georgie is suitable for at all children age 6+ and is priced at £99.99. You can find Georgie at all major toy retailers. We've made a video of Georgie too. Check it out and see what he can do!

Disclosure: We received Georgie for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on this post, which is honest and fair.