Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit Review

Hot Wheels kits are always a hit in our household. My son and daughter love playing with them and I really love making them. The most recent kit we've been trying out is the Hot Wheels Builder System Power Booster. It's a kit which sets you up for competing with your friends and family. The inside of the box opens up to reveal a scoreboard which you can crash cars into to score points. It's a great use of the box. There are four different tracks you can make to compete against each other and, as with all Hot Wheels, you can attach them to other sets and create amazing huge tracks.

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit

What they say
Test the limits of your Hot Wheels vehicles with the extreme performance of the Track Builder System Power Booster Kit! Build up to four different races with this versatile set and create insane speed with power boosters when competing with friends. The Power Booster Kit’s unique design also propels cars for awesome stunts - the possibilities are endless with open system play!

RRP £39.99 Age 5+

Playing with Hot Wheels

We have really enjoyed the Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit! It's great for creating stunts and I really love that the box doubles up as a scoreboard and target practice. The kit comes with two power boosters, which both need batteries, so you'll need to buy four D batteries in total on top of the kit. This is a great addition to any Hot Wheels set.

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