Simple Day to Evening Make-Up with Boots Natural Collection #ad

Before I had children, I very rarely wore make up. Only when I reached a point in life where I realised I needed to wear make-up to appear as if I had slept, did I start wearing it regularly. My daytime make-up consists of some cover up and mascara. I tend to keep it simple as I work from home and rarely need to put much make-up on during the day. I was sent a selection from the Natural Collection at Boots to see if I could create a simple day to evening look.

Boots Natural Collection
Boots Natural Collection is simple, affordable and easy to use. Absolutely nothing in the range costs more than £1.99, which is incredible! I might be going against the grain here, but I don't think you need to have incredibly expensive make-up, or lots of make-up. For me, a small make-up bag with some simple staples is all I need. I do, however, have a slight problem in that my daughter has an obsession with make-up brushes and steals them all the time. As such, I could only find one the other day. Thankfully the brush I found was perfect for the rosey glow Natural Collection blusher. A top tip if you're a mum is not to buy expensive make-up brushes, or if you do, make sure you hide them well!

Boots Natural Collection blusher

 I have been really impressed with the range. Usually on a night out I wear foundation, but my skin always feels as though it cannot breathe, and the first thing I do when I get in is take my make-up off! The tinted moisturiser in the Natural Collection felt really nice on my skin. It actually felt like it was doing some good, whilst covering up my skin rather than just leaving my skin feeling restricted. Pressed powder was easy to apply and stopped my skin from looking oily, which is a problem I have. The brow kit made such a huge difference to my face that I will definitely be doing my brows again!

Brow kit natural collection

My tip for creating a simple day to evening look is not to go overboard with make-up. Keep it simple and natural, go for a glowing party-ready look. If you're going out in the winter, maybe for a Christmas get together, then I would definitely add a little sparkle somewhere. Eyeshadow is a really subtle way to get a bit of sparkle in, or even a glimmer highlighter stick would add a lovely shimmery effect. An eyeliner pencil can be your secret weapon, it can make your eyes smoky in a matter of seconds!

natural collection moisturising lipstick

I have been brave and used a lipstick properly for the first time ever. Usually I just have a lip pen, so this is the first lipstick I've owned since I was a teenager! The colour is gorgeous and really complements the natural colour of my lips. It's also a moisturising lipstick, so feels good going on. I found that the coverage was great and it didn't come off easily on wine glasses.

day to evening make-up

Here is my finished look. I totally love it and it barely took any time to take me from an everyday look to an evening look I would feel comfortable with. I don't tend to wear much make-up, but for a night-out I like to make an effort and I think the make-up range works well for this. I am totally impressed with the price as well. I was a little concerned that the quality of the make-up would be sacrificed for the price, but it definitely isn't the case here. If you would like to, check out my vlog of me getting ready for a night out and using Boots Natural Collection.

You can check out the Boots Natural Collection here, be prepared to be impressed with the affordability and versatility of the range!

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