Keeping colds at bay this winter with Swisse

When I used to feel like a cold or a winter bug was on the way, I always used to head to my grandma's for a small glass of her blackcurrant cordial, which used to have me feeling back to normal straight away. Obviously when she died I no longer had the magic cordial any more so I had to find something else to help me out! I even tried making my own blackcurrant cordial, but it was nowhere near as good and definitely didn't have the same effect.

When I started reviewing some of the Swisse Vitamin range for the Swisse Families Campaign, I was sent some immune and elderberry tablets. These are a fab addition to their range and include vitamin C, zinc and copper to contribute to help the immune system function. This is especially good for when your system is under attack from winter bugs. They also reduce tiredness and fatigue and help with energy production and release.

A month ago I sprained my ankle and I haven't been able to run since. This is my usual way of releasing stress and helping my body to feel better, so I've been in need of an additional boost. You can take two to four tablets a day, and I have found that even by taking one a day I feel better and more energised. In fact, I have been seriously impressed with the amount of energy that these give me. Even when I'm feeling a bit under the weather and would often have a nana nap, I haven't needed to at all.

For more information, check out Swisse's website.

Disclosure: We were sent these supplements by Swisse. This had no impact on my post and all opinions are my own.