My children are broody!

"Mummy, look at that little boy"
"Mummy, look, he's so cute"
"Mummy, look at that little girl trying to walk"
"Mummy, look at the baby"
"Mummy, take a picture of that cute baby"
"Darling, I can't take a picture of a random baby who we don't know"

My children are broody.
They are desperate for a baby brother or sister.

I'm not broody. 
Not even slightly. 
The reason I am not broody is that I have two children who fight all the time.

Well, there's one exception to that.
When they join forces in trying to convince me they need another sibling.

"We'll never fight with each other again if you have a baby"
"We promise we wouldn't argue with the baby"
Hmmm. Somehow I feel their arguments hold rather a lot of false promise!

On holiday in October they 'adopted' a smaller child every day. They were wonderful with them. Helping them walk, getting them to dance, giving them a hi-five at dinner. Bringing them pencils, helping them reach things higher up and generally being incredible. I've never known them to be so good, cute or generally helpful when it comes to other kids.

I had no idea broody children were a thing, but it seems I have two of them currently. Have your children ever been broody? What did you say to them? Mine know I don't want any more, but it hasn't stopped them so far in the quest for a sibling (one they actually like, as opposed to the one they currently each have)!