C9 FIT Forever Living Review #ForeverBringIt #ad

I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon and I'm not particularly good at New Year's resolutions, but when I weighed myself after Christmas and discovered I was the heaviest I have ever been, I realised I needed to really do something about it. I haven't been able to run regularly since I damaged my ankle in November, but I have been eating the same amount that I had when I was very active, which was a mistake! I am determined that this year I am going to get back to a healthy weight and get back to exercising regularly. I know I'm not unfit, but I also know I could be fitter. I've signed up for a Tough Mudder this summer and I am determined to do it well, which is going to take a bit of work! I could do with losing some weight to make it easier to drag my sorry backside through the assault course. What I needed was something to kickstart my weight loss, that would drag me out of the post-Christmas lethargy. I have previously reviewed the C9 FIT from Forever Living and I have always had good results.


Having completed the programme before, I had a good idea of what I was letting myself in for. I will tell you now, this isn't easy and it's not simply a quick way to lose weight. It's hard work and challenging, but the end results are definitely worth it and I find it quite rewarding to push myself.

Inside the C9  FIT box you will find your choice of vanilla or chocolate shakes, Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Therm supplements, Forever Garcinia Plus supplement, Forever
Fibre and a booklet to guide you through the programme.

You take supplements and also have protein shakes as your main food. On days three to nine you are allowed a 500 to 600 calorie meal in the evenings. I definitely found myself really looking forward to dinner time, but it also ensured that I felt fuller the next morning too, so I didn't feel anywhere near as hungry throughout those days. I found the first three days incredibly hard, far more difficult than I ever had in the past. It definitely helped to remember why I was doing it, and to keep my goals in mind when I was struggling. On day four my period started, which explained why I had found the first few days particularly difficult.

For more information about the C9, check out the Forever Living Website. You can buy either direct from the website, or if you also from a Forever Living business owner. The first time I undertook the programme, I did it through a Forever Living business owner and was offered support throughout the nine days and beyond.

You keep a close eye on what you're eating, and record your exercise, water intake and food each day. It really helps you keep track of exactly what you're taking in. It's also really useful to have a diary which tells you what to eat and when. I would often forget when I was meant to take certain supplements, so the handbook was never far from my side throughout the programme.

At the beginning of the programme I felt quite tired, so in terms of exercise I made sure that I went out on a 40 minute brisk walk as I didn't feel up to much more. Where we live it's incredibly hilly so going out for a walk can be challenging.

On day six, I suddenly found I had more energy. I felt ready to try running again. I went easy and walked through the fields as it was still incredibly muddy and I didn't want to turn my ankle again. I ran on all the roads and paths though and it was a great return to running. It felt so good to be exercising again and my head felt clear that day. 

On to the results and I am really happy with my progress. My skin is clearer and brighter and I'm sure that's down to the aloe vera gel. I'm really, really going to try and keep taking it daily as the results are so fantastic. I am not needing to put foundation on, even when I film vlogs, which is great, and a huge time saver! My stomach is flatter, my clothes are looser and I feel far more energetic. In total, I lost 3.2kg, which is just over 7lbs. I am happy with the loss, and even more pleased with the inch loss over my body, which you can see from the pictures below. In total I lost 12 inches, including four from my waist!

I have continued with eating well and doing a form of exercise every day, even if it's just a 30 minute brisk walk. If I feel the need to snack, I make sure I eat something from the list of free foods, so I know I'm not snacking on junk or foods which are not good for me. I'm feeling healthier and far more positive about the year ahead. Completing the programme has made me more determined to succeed with my weight loss and increased fitness this year.

I have also filmed a vlog, which you can watch below. I filmed throughout the programme so you can see how I got on throughout.

Disclosure: I’m working with Forever Living and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the C9 Programme, kick-starting my eating and fitness goals. Find out more here.