Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure Review

I'm not very good at taking time out for myself, or a day off. I'm especially bad at pampering myself or having any kind of beauty treatments. Since I took up running last year, my feet have taken a battering and had hard skin on them. I was invited to go to Harrogate for a Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure.

Margaret Dabbs Clinic

Margaret Dabbs is the authority on feet and the pioneer of the medical pedicure. It is a 45 minute treatment which created baby soft soles. The pedicure is performed at a foot clinic by a qualified Podiatrists. The forty-five minute treatment costs £85.00 with a Podiatrist, or £130 if with the Director or Principal Podiatrist.

Margaret Dabbs Harrogate

The clinic in Harrogate is newly opened and beautifully designed. The clinic room for the 
treatment is a good size and I really enjoyed the peppermint tea I was offered. Whilst I was receiving the pedicure, I was also treated to a manicure. I couldn't believe how much work my nails could do with work too. They are often ignored and I spend most days washing my hands loads in the B&B, so they dry out quickly. They looked amazing after a little work!

Margaret Dabbs podiatrist

Simone, a Senior Podiatrist carried out the medical pedicure. It is a complete foot overhaul. One of the unique elements is that it is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long lasting results. It also means there is less chance of hurting the foot. My feet were totally transformed, and although I was a bit nervous about the scalpel which removed dead and dry skin. I needn't have been though as it was completely painless. My toenails were then shaped, buffed and re-hydrated. My feet even sparkled at the end!

Medical Pedicure results

It wasn't painful in the slightest and it also didn't tickle, which was a bonus as I usually refrain from anyone touching my feet. Nearing the end of the pedicure, the chair I was sitting in became a massage chair and I was also attached to an oxygen headset which made me feel more awake and energised. Afterwards, my feet were left feeling incredibly smooth afterwards. 

Margaret Dabbs products
Margaret Dabbs London

I treated myself to the Hydrating Foot Soak and have been using it after going for a run. It's really nice to hydrate my feet after a run and I'm really hoping to keep the hard parts off my feet for good now. It is also effective in providing relief from puffy feet and cracked nails.

Margaret Dabbs pedicure result

I am really pleased with the results of the pedicure and my feet are still looking good now. Friends commented that I looked more relaxed and brighter after the treatment and it really was a wonderful experience. I will definitely be going back again. To top off the day, I filmed a Day in The Life vlog, which you can watch below.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure and also a manicure for the purpose of this review.