This weekend we went to Oxygen Free Jumping in Leeds thanks to Swisse Vitamins. Sadly I couldn't jump thanks to my ankle, but my children and husband all decided to give it a go.

My children have been taking Swisse multivitamins, ages 4-7 every day for the past three months and their energy levels have definitely increased. I have also really noticed that their concentration seems to have improved.  My son in particular now will sit down and do a craft activity such as making a hama bead creation for as long as half an hour. I am seriously impressed and it's great to see him putting so much effort in.

Their increased energy levels were obvious when it came to the trampoline park. They didn't stop moving for the whole hour! It was absolutely fantastic to watch them all, and I was really envious that I couldn't join in. It looked like so much fun! From bouncing on trampolines on to giant air bags, 150 connected trampolines , to a giant obstacle course. There was so much fun to be had!

The day was a hit, and it was great to see how much energy the children had. We will definitely be visiting again, and I'm hopeful that next time I will be able to join in too! For more information about Oxygen Leeds, check out their website.

Thank you so much to Swisse for sending us out for the day as a family. My husband and children had a fantastic time and I loved watching them all bounce.

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Disclosure: We received a selection of multivitamins and suppements and were treated to a day out at Oxygen Leeds. All opinions are my own