AEG 9000 Series L9FEC966R 9Kg Washing Machine Review

I run a busy Bed and Breakfast and I need my washing machine to keep up with me! We have been trying out the AEG 9000 Series L9FEC966R 9Kg 1600 washing machine. This is a brand new top of the range machine and replaces our five year old machine, which has worked well. The AEG 9000 Series L9FEC966R is a 9kg washing machine. It used ProSense technology which means that the machine weighs the load throughout the programme and adjusts the length of the programme accordingly.

AEG Series 9000 L9FEC966R 9kg Washing Machine

This AEG machine is one of the first in the world which have the technology to remove minerals from mains water which can be harsh on fabrics. It has an 'ion-exchange filtering system which optimises the water entering the drum for detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency' even at the lowest temperatures'. The machine comes with soft water technology which ensures that your clothes do not fade and therefore last longer. We live in a soft water area, but when we lived in a hard water area this would have been incredibly useful. It is possible to deactivate it if you do not require it. There are so many different programmes and you can adjust nearly every one by adding additional programmes to them, such as if the clothes are stained and need a little longer to wash.


The energy setting for this washing machine is A+++ and costs just £11.70 per year to run (based on an average of 220 washes). We use the machine at least once daily so it will cost us a little more, but this is exceptionally low. I have found the machine to work well at both low and high temperatures and have already tried out most of the different programmes. Also featured in the machine is steam technology which can reduce the need for ironing, along with reducing creases and removing odours. I have had this setting on for all the guest bed linen and I didn't have to iron the duvet cover the other day which was wonderful!

AEG 9000 series washing machine

 This washing machine is absolutely fantastic. It is wonderfully efficient and the technologies it comes with are exceptionally advanced. This is without a doubt one of the most advanced washing machines I have ever used and I love how energy efficient it is.

We received the machine from and the delivery was wonderful. We were given a specific time slot and the delivery van called when it was five minutes away. They fitted the machine and made sure it was working before they left and they also took away all of the packaging with them which was really useful. Check out's website for more information on the AEG range.

Below is a video review of the machine, which looks in a little more detail at the features.

Disclosure: We were sent this washing machine by for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.