Dear Beautiful Girl - Now you are six

Dear Beautiful Girl,

This week you turned six, and as ever at this time of year, I am writing you a letter about your year of being five! I love looking back on these letters and videos, seeing how your character is changing and how you are growing up. This year I am struggling a little to get my head around my baby being six! Recently you've grown in height and none of your clothes seem to fit you any more. Your favourite colours are still red and black, but you are willing to also wear some more 'girly' dresses, and it's wonderful to see you dressing up occasionally.

Stream jumping

You love to explore, to question, to know. Nature, animals, space, they are all topics which you ask about often. Being outside, collecting bugs, dead bees, bits of flowers and stones are things you love to do. I'm looking forward to better weather so that you can get out and about and explore properly again. At the moment, you and your brother love musicals, which is absolutely fine with me. We went to see Aladdin in London the other week and had an incredible time. You're still singing songs from the show when you're in the bath or walking around the house.

Ambleside view

I'm not going to lie, it's been a bit of a challenging year. You have struggled with new emotions, your place in the world and making friends. Last summer we sought help with anger management and your confidence has grown so much since then. You still occasionally have your moments, but I think you are a far happier little girl now. You also have friends now, which is lovely to see and it's great to see you playing together. It's a wonderful friendship and I look forward to seeing it grow.

mash direct bus

You still have the most fantastic imagination and can often be found playing with little characters. I love watching you play, even if the games occasionally become rather brutal! You don't need toys to play. Even a knife and fork can become characters. I really love the way your mind works. I think you quite like the idea of becoming an engineer too. Your mind sees how to fix things and although you're often not very good at accepting help, you also tend not to need it!


When you were five you started doing karate and you're absolutely fantastic at it. You earned your red belt in December and you practically glow when you're at your lessons. It's great that you have something that is just yours, that none of the rest of us have ever done.

When I asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, you said you wanted to be an astronaut.  You would make a fabulous astronaut and I don't doubt that whatever you end up doing, it will be with enthusiasm and determination.

You are strong, independent, determined, enthusiastic

I love you so much my darling.

Love, Mummy xxx