Our Top 10 Travel Essentials #markwarnermum

In the past couple of years we have been lucky enough to go on a couple of absolutely wonderful family holidays. Taking time out has become so much more important since I began running the B&B and spending my time looking after other people. Mark Warner have recently announced their search for new family ambassadors. They've asked bloggers to create a mood board of their top ten travel must haves. I asked my children what their essentials were, and we came up with our top ten. Here they are.

Mark Warner Mood Board
 1. Family. 
We all want to go away together. There are four of us, my son age 7 (nearly 8), daughter age 6 and my husband and I. This October my husband is unable to come away with us, so we're going without him on our family holiday. It's not been a popular decision with the children!

2. A sense of Adventure
Family holidays are for making memories, be it wonderful meals on a beach, exploring caves or going on a camel safari, which we did on our last holiday. We love to have fun together and try new experiences. Both children have no fear and love to take on challenges.

Camel safari adventure

3. Books
My husband and I love to read. On our last holiday I read nine books in ten days, not bad considering the children only went to kids club for two hours a day! I really love to zone out and let my brain escape into other worlds!

4. Sport
My son loves to be active. He plays football, rugby, tennis, golf, cricket. Literally anything that involves moving, he'll play it. He needs to have some kind of sport to keep him entertained. Even if that means simply playing football on the beach! I love to have somewhere to run, or a treadmill to keep my fitness levels going. I ran or went to the gym three times on our last trip and it felt great to be as active as at home.

5. Cameras
I usually take at least three cameras on holiday. My Canon G7X, a waterproof camera for beach shots and my mobile phone for convenience. I love to record all our family holidays and make videos when I get home. I also love to update my Instagram Stories every day, so I definitely need my mobile phone on me.

6. Chargers
With all that technology, another travel essential is our chargers. Battery chargers for the camera, phone chargers and camera chargers. One day I will find one charger which will do the job of all of them, but for now I have to take all of them with me.

Swimming pool fun

7. Swimming pool
We need somewhere to swim, play, lounge by, read a book alongside and have a drink. The swimming pool is the perfect place for this. Both children swim very well and it's wonderful to see them playing in the water.

8. Relax
I run a busy B&B and spend my working day tidying up after people and making them comfortable. When I'm on holiday I want to relax completely. I don't want to clean my room, make food for people or have to do anything at all. I don't take time off often, so I need to make sure I use that time as wisely as I can! Thankfully running the B&B means that we can usually take the children out of school during term time.

9. Cocktails
Let's be honest, life is better with cocktails. We very rarely have cocktails at home, but on holiday we tend to indulge most evenings. It's a great way to chill out!

10. Kindle
Spot the thing the children chose! They both wanted to take their Kindle on holiday. We don't usually let them use technology once we are away, but some kind of device to keep them entertained on the plane is very useful, especially if it's a long journey.

I have also filmed a vlog, which you can watch below.

Disclosure: This post is an application for me to be considered to become a Mark Warner Family Ambassador.