Poop Emoji Cake Tutorial

How to make a poop emoji cake! My mum and I were a little stuck as to what kind of cake to make for my daughter. She had requested a shopkins cake with blood and a forest. It all sounded a bit much, and I wasn't sure how we were going to do it. Her favourite present that she got for her birthday was a poo emoji cushion. At the last minute, I figured we could make a poo emoji cake. It worked really well and she absolutely loved it!

So what will you need to make a poop emoji cake? Well I have to admit that I cheated a bit and bought two packs of cake mix from the supermarket, but you can just use a standard sponge recipe and use double the mix. For my cake I used three tins, all different sizes. You could also use a large glass bowl and cut the cake up at the end. Pour all of the mixture from one standard sponge recipe into one tin and then split the mixture in the next two smaller tins.

Cook for 25 minutes then remove from the cake tins and leave to cool. Cut the cakes to size and place them on top of each other to create the poop emoji shape. Once you have shaped the cake, add chocolate frosting or icing to cover the cake. When the cake is covered, leave it in a cold place in order for it to harden. Whilst it is cooling, you can cut out the shapes for the eyes and mouth of the poop emoji. To stick the eyes and the mouth on, either use leftover icing or some jam (both work equally well).

Then your cake is complete! Please have a look at my video to see the full tutorial. It's a great cake and so easy to make too.