Dear beautiful boy - Now you are eight

Dear beautiful boy,

You recently turned eight and are growing into a wonderful young man. You are sensitive, caring and kind. Your love of sport has not diminished at all in the past year. If anything, it has increased, which I didn't think was possible. You love every sport you try and you're one of those children who is good at every sport too. You still play both football and rugby and I love to watch you play, even when it's freezing cold and raining! I definitely think that if you're making the effort to play in horrid weather then I need to make the effort to watch. I haven't been able to see you play football as much this season since your sister took up karate and someone needs to transport her there.

Jumping at Oxygen Leeds

Once again your reports from school are incredible. You have been a free reader for over a year. You concentrate in class, listen and do well. You enjoy school so much and I really hope that your love of learning continues. You have a lovely group of friends and seem incredibly happy at the moment. In the past six months you have also started to take pride in your own space and your room at home is absolutely immaculate. It's so nice that at least one room in the house is spotless. I am wondering if you fancy doing the rest of the house too?

Reservoir beach

Before Christmas you had a tough time at school and you were unhappy, both at school and at home. I am delighted that it all sorted itself out and that you are happy now. It was awful to see you so sad and not to be able to help you. One huge thing I learned during that time was to trust what you say and believe in you more. I am so sorry that we didn't at the time. Both myself and daddy won't let it happen again.

Boy watching Oxford United

I am so far still managing to get away with dragging you to watch Oxford United play football. Don't worry, I absolutely do not hope you will be a fan. I'd rather you supported your local team, as I did at the time. We're off to Wembley again soon for your second trip in two years. I am pleased my team could give you such an experience! Also, truth be told, I love getting to spend time with you when it's just the two of us!

You still love to make us laugh and like to play tricks on both us and your sister. I really love the joyful and happy side of your character, it's a real pleasure to see.

My wonderful not-so-little boy, you are amazing. You have a wonderful character and a fantastic sense of justice. I am incredibly proud of the little man you are. Keep on doing what you're doing, you're ace!

Love you,
Mummy xxx

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