My copper bathroom makeover

When we started renovating the B&B in January I had my heart set on a copper bathroom. I know copper is a huge trend right now and yes, there's a chance that it might date, but I love it so much. This is in one of our guest bathrooms. It's a big room with high ceilings and we even needed scaffolding to paint the ceiling! I had researched which colours went with copper and looked at greys to complement it, but decided on a really deep teal in the end as I hoped it would give the room a little more warmth.

Copper and teal bathroom
The colour on the walls is Teal Tension from Dulux. I had to get it mixed as a bathroom paint as it wasn't available in that colour. The bathroom paint covered really evenly and although I did two coats, I could definitely have just done one.  In fact, we have one tin leftover and I am going to paint the same colour on our own bathroom wall as I love it so much. The great thing about the colour is that it looks different depending on the light in the room and if the sun is shining in.

When it came to accessories in the room, I found this round mirror at John Lewis. It wasn't in stock online so I ended up driving to Leeds, which was one of the only stores in the UK to have one in stock. It was well worth it. The mirror is antique copper and looks fantastic on the wall. The mirror attaches firmly to the wall and then the strap is attached afterwards, so it isn't hanging from that strap and is very safe. The copper soap dispenser and toothbrush holder are from Dunelm. They have a wonderful copper bathroom selection and I was seriously impressed.

Copper painted bath

My main hope was that we could paint the bath copper. We initially bought a Hammerite copper paint, but it looked awful, so we opted for a spray paint instead. We used a Rust-oleum primer in dark grey and then a Rust-oleum copper metallic spray. I opted for the dark grey primer because I thought that if any of the copper paint flaked off that it would look good with the contrast underneath. We weren't sure what the bath would look like with a copper spray but it honestly looks absolutely incredible. I love it so much! In fact, I made sure that I was the first person to have a bath in it, before we had guests booked in!

Copper light pullCopper mirror John Lewis

The copper light pull also came from Dunelm. It's on a copper coloured string too which I really like. There are all kinds of little details within the room that I really love, including the strap on the mirror. I also bought an artificial orchid from TK Maxx which even feels like a real orchid. It's great, and I don't need to water it, just dust it! I also picked up a copper basket from TK Maxx which is where we put the bubble bath bottles for guests.

artificial orchid

Overall I am really chuffed with how the room turned out. It's everything I imagined it would be. It looks fantastic and the colours really work well together. So far we have had a great response from our guests too.

What I used/bought
Dulux bathroom paint - Teal Tension (they mixed this in a bathroom paint for me)
Base spray paint - Rust-oleum
Copper spray paint - Rustoleum
Copper mirror - John Lewis
Copper soap dispenser - Dunelm
Copper toothbrush holder - Dunelm
Copper light pull - Dunelm
Copper basket - TK Maxx
Artificial Orchid - TK Maxx

I filmed a video of the bathroom if you would like a closer look!