Your YouTube #117

I am so sorry that there was no Your YouTube last week. I was poorly all week and it took a really long time for the antibiotics to kick in. I went to see Take That last week with my best friend, which was a great night out. On Sunday I spoke at BlogOn and really enjoyed meeting many of you. I really enjoy speaking to a crowd, although the first time I did it I was absolutely petrified. This week has been a tough one, trying to come to terms with what happened in Manchester on Monday, especially when I had queued in that very foyer less than a week before.

The video I chose this week comes from A Little Bit Lisa whose five top tips video on how to reduce screen time is really informative. It's something that as parents many of us are looking to do, but it's difficult to be consistent with our children. It's important that our children don't spend too much time looking at screens, but sometimes it is incredibly tempting if it means that we get a little more time to finish off our work!

On to the linky, please make sure you link up no more than two videos and comment on at least two others (if you have time to comment on more than that then that's great). This linky only works if we do comment on each others videos. This way we will all find new people to watch and grow our lovely little community. I watch every video that is linked up and I also share a link to them on Twitter. I really look forward to seeing them.