First Aid Courses in your own home

Yesterday on my way home from the Lake District I saw CPR being given in real life at the scene of a car crash, sadly finding out this morning that he didn't make it. I was astounded at how much a body can move whilst chest compressions are happening and also how much physical energy it takes when you are desperately trying to save someone's life. 

As a child, aged about eight, I joined the Red Cross. I didn't want to join the Brownies, and this seemed like a useful thing to be learning about. I was an active member for many years, learning everything from first aid, to trusting friends. It was invaluable and until I had children, I regularly went on First Aid courses. I don't really know why I stopped when I had children, you would imagine I would have done the opposite, but it became tricky to find the time to attend a course. When I was invited to attend a First Aid course in a friend's home thanks to Mini First Aid Lancashire, I jumped at the chance.

paediatric first aid

The course is two hours long and the instructor comes to your home with everything you will need to learn basic paediatric first aid. The classes cover CPR, choking, bumps, bleeding, breaks, burns, febrile seizures and also meningitis awareness. A lot to pack in to two hours, but it was really well done, very informative and fun to be with friends but learning such important information. Paula the instructor was patient with us all and stopped us nattering too much. She made sure that we all got chances to ask questions and I was surprised at how much of the basic first aid I have been taught over the years has changed.

mini first aid lancashire

Based on ten people attending, a course costs £20 per person, which is such a great price for the knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Who would the course be suitable for? Absolutely anyone, but especially those who have contact with children, you and your partner, grandparents, even anyone who babysits regularly for you. They also run courses for children, often going into schools, which is such an incredible skill set to learn at such a young age. There is a minimum of six people required for each class, but it would definitely work if you have a group of mums from school who would all like to know more. There are over forty locations in the UK where Mini First Aid operate.

Mini First Aid

I found the class incredibly beneficial and I am already looking into booking one with some mums from school. I think that anything which gives you more confidence to deal with any kind of medical emergency, especially when it comes to your children is invaluable. As the course is delivered in your own home, surrounded by friends, it is relaxed and comfortable and a really refreshing way to learn. We were talked through every aspect of CPR and were able to practice on the models, being talked through the technique and shown if we were not quite doing it correctly.

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(picture from Sally Whittle)

Since attending the course, I have bought a basic first aid kit which fits into my handbag. It's surprising how much I have used it already, albeit for minor scrapes and plasters. I really feel we should all have some knowledge of what to do in an emergency, because you never know when you might need those skills.

To find out more about Mini First Aid Lancashire, please check out their website and also their Facebook page.