My love of YouTube and the #BiBs2017

I have a confession.
I am sorry that I have neglected my blog a little. It's not something I meant to do. It's just been a bit of a natural shift. My children are getting older and I don't feel as comfortable writing about them as I used to, largely because they can read what I say. It's also partly because I have been putting a huge amount of my time and effort into YouTube.

So when I found out that I was a finalist in the BiBs, the Brilliance in Blogging awards in the video category, it's fair to say that I was ridiculously chuffed. I am absolutely honoured to be a finalist alongside amazing vloggers, who I love. I am under no illusion that I stand a chance of winning, but it's very nice to be a finalist. In fact, I can't wait to go to the awards night, just to hear my name being announced alongside the other finalists. Genuinely that is winning for me! If you would like to vote for me, then the link to the site is here (voting closes on the 2nd of July).


I love YouTube. I spend far to much time watching other people's videos. I get far too interested in what people I do not know are doing. Then I spend plenty of time planning and creating my own content. I loved VEDA (vlog every day in April) and I am going to be vlogging every day again this year, possibly in September.

I love the stats, the behind the scenes stuff. I really like seeing what content of mine people like to watch and what they don't like at all. VidCon Europe was incredible and I learned so much about YouTube. In fact, I have so much YouTube stuff in my head that sometimes it's hard to put it all into practice.

You know what though, for the past two years I have been uploading content a couple of times a week, generally without fail. I put content out that I think people will enjoy. Sometimes they do, other times it's just me who watches the videos. I don't mind because I love every part of the process! As you all know, I run a weekly YouTube link up too and really love seeing everyone else's videos and creativity.

Here are my absolute favourite videos that I have created. They're all different, but that's my life!

Finally, here's my video to ask you to vote for me!