The kids take over tesco! #tannoytakeover #ad

Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are all over the news, but Father's Day doesn't seem to get as much publicity. It's a shame because there are some absolutely wonderful dads out there who deserve some recognition for all they do. This week, our children got to tell their dad just how much they love him and why. It was very exciting, because they got to do a Tannoy Takeover at Tesco to do it! The idea behind the Tannoy Takeover is that you film a special message for your dad and it is played out over the tannoy in your local store to surprise them and show your appreciation for your dad.

Tesco tannoy takeover
My husband had absolutely no idea that the children were going to surprise him, although he did know we were going to York for a special treat. It was absolutely wonderful to see his reaction, and you can see it for yourself in the video at the bottom of this post. Our son said in his part of the message that he loves playing football with his dad and scoring goals against him. Our daughter said that she loves it when he plays Mr Blobby with her on the trampoline! Then they both told him how much they love him. It was so cute to hear it played loudly in store.

father and daughter

I think my husband deserved for the children to tell him just how much they love him because he often feels torn between them. Often at the weekends when I am running the B&B he looks after the children and they very rarely want to play the same game. Our son wants him to run around playing football and our daughter wants to play on the trampoline with him, or with her toys. He juggles them both really well and the children absolutely adore him. He is a wonderful dad and really deserves a wonderful Father's Day. We'll also be popping to Tesco again (this time without him) to make sure we get him a fantastic present and card too.

Family fun colour run

Tesco is helping customers show appreciation to their dads this Father’s Day with their in-store Tannoy Takeovers. For more information, and to submit your own Tannoy Takeover, check out this website This is where you can submit your message to your dad and surprise him at your local store with a message recorded and played out on the tannoy by you. It's worth nothing that you can only book either the Saturday or Sunday of Father's Day weekend to have their messages played. No other days will be available. As an extra-special treat, if you take part, after you’ve heard your announcement in store, head to the customer service desk and a dedicated Tannoy Takeover colleague will greet you with a £10 gift card to treat your dad. A perfect way to give your dad a well-deserved gift as well as a wonderful surprise.

Check out our day and the surprise that my husband received.

Disclosure: This post is an advertorial with Tesco. All opinions are my own.