I am that mum!

I realised as I got ready for sports day this afternoon that I am that mum.
You know, the one who goes with trainers on.
The one who is ready and prepped for the mum's race.

I am not ashamed to admit that I love it!

I am so insanely competitive and very rarely get a chance to actually compete.

sports day races

I know I'm not alone. There must be others of you out there who love a little run in the parent's race at sports day? I stood by another mum when they announced the race and she said, "I'm not sure if I am going to run this year". I looked at her and said, "we both know, the two of us came here to run. Look at you with your trail shoes on. You're running!"

I live in an area where there are a lot of fit mums. The kind who do ultra races overnight on huge hills with torches attached to their heads. It doesn't phase me though, I will never, ever be that fit.

I've enjoyed the parent's race ever since I had children. It's not something that I got into when I started running last year. In fact, if anything, learning to run over longer distances has slightly impeded my sprinting!

sports day mum's race

I came second in the end, to the mum who came with her trail shoes on.

I asked my son afterwards if it was okay that I like running in sports day and thankfully he said that he loves it! I do remember watching my mum run (who knows where I get my competitive spirit from?) and it made me very proud of her. I only hope my children feel the same watching me!

How about you? Are you competitive when it comes to sports day, or would you prefer it if there wasn't even a option to compete?