Persil Powergems review #ad

Running a B&B means that I have to deal with a huge assortment of stains on towels and pillowcases. I am keen to try any washing detergent that claims it can get rid of really tough stains. Honestly one of the worst parts of this job is stripping the beds and collecting in the towels. Very often I have to deal with make-up being removed with the towels, and bodily fluids too. So my washing detergent really needs to be up to the job and able to get a whole manner of stains out in just one wash. Persil have recently sent me their Powergems to try out. They offer a unique and revolutionary laundry experience with triple action power of stain removal.

Persil Powergems

My children also have a knack of  coming home from school covered in mud, dirt and whatever they had for lunch! It's great to know that those stains will easily come out now, and that their clothes will retain their colour.

The pack has a twist and lock closure system, as well as the in-drum dosing cap. The twist and lock closure system is child safe, but I would still recommend keeping it out of the reach of children, as the gems themselves look rather appealing.

Persil bio powergems

The Powergems are very small, almost like confetti. They fit into the outer cap from the packet, and then this is placed inside the drum of the washing machine. The gems disperse throughout the entire wash cycle, cleaning with extraordinary power. They release a fragrance during the wash which remains on the fabrics for longer.

Persil powergems in washing machine

I have to admit that I have been incredibly impressed with the results from using Persil Powergems. Not only do they keep all the white towels and bedsheets whiter than white, but they also retain the bright colours of clothes and don't bleach dark clothes. I know that I don't have to wash things twice and that each time the laundry will come out perfectly clean.

Persil Powergems are available in both Bio and Non-Bio and come in either 12, 19 or 30 wash packs. To find out more, check out Persil's website.

Disclosure: This post is a paid collaboration with Persil. All opinions are my own and are honest and fair.