Your YouTube #126

I have survived the first week of the holidays! Congratulations to all of you who have too. One week down! This weekend I am doing Tough Mudder and my training was going really well until I fell down the stairs at home today! One bruised ego and giant purple bruise on my leg later and I'm hoping it will heal lots before Sunday! It's going to be a really quiet week for me as my mum is taking the children away to her house in Wales. I am going to miss them so much. The longest I have stayed away from them is a couple of nights. The B&B is busy next week, so it will be nice that I don't have to worry about entertaining the children and working at the same time.

I have chosen this video from Jennifer Joy this week. It documents her getting rid of her son's dummies at the age of two. It's a really lovely video and has a wonderful idea for getting rid of a dummy when children are old enough to understand. It made me smile and was a great video to watch.

On to the linky, please make sure you link up no more than two videos and comment on at least two others (if you have time to comment on more than that then that's great). This linky only works if we do comment on each others videos. This way we will all find new people to watch and grow our lovely little community. I watch every video that is linked up and I also share a link to them on Twitter. I really look forward to seeing them. Sadly increasingly people are using this linky simply to dump their links and not comment on others. If I see this happening then I shall have to remove the links as it's not fair for those who do put the effort in.