Your YouTube #130

This week has been back to earth with a bang. After rushing around so much last week, it was a bit of a shock to the system to be working again. We have had guests all week, and it's been tough to keep on top of blogging, vlogging and running a B&B. We also had a rubbish review on TripAdvisor this week, which always knocks me for six. It can sometimes be hard when every form of work that I have has people judging me, or the place I live. I know we can't please everyone though and will get over it quickly!

I found the video from Nyomi at Nomipalony on breastfeeding an older child really interesting. There will always be people who disapprove of the way you feed your child, no matter which way you feed them. This video is brilliant though and I love the way that Nyomi speaks so openly and informatively about such a potentially sensitive topic.

On to the linky, please make sure you link up no more than two videos and comment on at least two others (if you have time to comment on more than that then that's great). This linky only works if we do comment on each others videos. This way we will all find new people to watch and grow our lovely little community. I watch every video that is linked up and I also share a link to them on Twitter. I really look forward to seeing them. Sadly increasingly people are using this linky simply to dump their links and not comment on others. If I see this happening then I shall have to remove the links as it's not fair for those who do put the effort in.