We're big fans of Lego in this house, and I even specifically asked for some for my birthday last year. When I was asked if we would like to try out Mayka toy block tape, I thought it would be the perfect addition to our Lego collection at home and make play more exciting. Mayka Toy Block Tape is a wonderful invention which transforms pretty much any surface into a base for building blocks such as Lego, and also the figures and accessories. 

Mayka toy block tape

One side of the tape features a bendable, flexible surface with a toy block pattern that is compatible with the leading toy block brands and can be cut to any desired size. The other side has a re-usable adhesive backing to allow builders to construct on nearly any object, around corners and on curved surfaces in order to make 3D creations.

Cutting Makya toy block tape

The tape was easy to cut and shape however we liked. We had a lot of fun finding out which surfaces it stuck to and how it looked. It gave our play an additional element of excitement and we were able to bring a 3D element to our games.  I was impressed that my daughter came up with the idea to make Buzz Lightyear fly, and it worked really well!

Upside down Buzz Lightyear

You don't have to stick the tape down to create an interesting surface to play on. We decided to create a pathway through the ruin of an old aeroplane for some of our Lego characters to walk along.

Aeroplane with mayka toy block tape

My daughter decided that we should stick the tape to a balloon she had and it worked really well. It enabled us to play and pretend that the King was on the moon along with Robin Hood and Krusty the Clown. We do play some random games in our house! We really enjoyed trying out the tape and will definitely be using it to play with again in the future.

Mayka toy block tape on a balloon

Mayka Toy Block Tape is 100% compatible with Lego® bricks, Kreo and all other leading toy
block brands and is suitable for ages 3+. Available in nine colours, each roll is made of high-grade,
reusable, adhesive non-toxic silicon tape that is non-marking and can be cut, shaped, and stuck to
any surface to create a toy brick base to build off.

Small (1m 2stud) RRP: £6.99 | Medium (2m 2stud) RRP: £9.99 | Large (2m 4stud) RRP: £14.99
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