Dyson Lightball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

We have been reviewing the Dyson Lightball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review thanks to ao.com. It's a powerful upright vacuum cleaner, with an awful lot of power. It's lightweight and easy to carry around the house. We've got a small Bed & Breakfast and, as you can imagine, do an awful lot of hoovering. This manoeuvres really simply due to the ball and doesn't take much effort or having to lug it around.

It uses bagless technology and the dirt chamber is incredibly simple to empty, and definitely the simplest I have ever used. You just have to push a button on the top of the compartment (whilst it is over a bin) and the dirt and dust falls out into the bin. You don't have to go rummaging about inside the compartment to remove the dirt.

Bagless dyson

What they say
Enjoy incredible cleaning results every time with this bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Dyson. Will its brilliant Ball™ Technology, you can effortlessly move around your furniture, so cleaning under the coffee table and around the sofa is simple. For those really stubborn spots, the Turbo Tool makes short work of dirt and embedded pet hair, which is perfect if you have furry friends. When you need to clean up high or down low, the instant release wand can be easily detached in no time – perfect for vacuuming tricky corners. This model is also really lightweight, so you’ll have no trouble carrying it from room to room.

Cleaning with the Dyson

 I also found that the power cord reaches a really long way, which I was very impressed with.The wand tool enables you to reach up really high, and I have been able to clean the ceilings with it.  It is really quiet and I was surprised to hear you could have a conversation over it. Even my cats weren't scared when it was on! The turbo tool has been amazing at getting bet hair out of the furniture, and I love that it is anti-tangle.

Dyson Lightball Animal Tool

The design of the Dyson is fantastic and I love how each part simply clicks together. It was really easy to put together, and the parts simply slot into place when you need to use them. The wand tool comes away from the machine with ease and can then be extended, and you can add additional tools to the top of it too (included in the pack).

Dyson attachements

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this Dyson. It's a great new addition to our household. It cleans effortlessly and smoothly, with very little noise, but very powerful suction. You can check out my review on YouTube.

Disclosure: We were sent this Dyson by ao.com for the purpose of this post, this has no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.