Enjoying the great outdoors #TheDiscoveryAdventures #ad

I don't need much encouragement to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We're incredibly lucky that we get to live in an absolutely stunning part of the UK, and can be in the middle of nowhere in only a five minute drive. However, in spite of being surrounded by beauty, I don't get out and about to explore the great outdoors as much as I would like. Land Rover Discovery are encouraging people and families to go out and enjoy the great outdoors through a series of podcasts

The podcasts are designed to be listened to in the car, but obviously you can listen to them wherever you usually listen to podcasts. Each episode features authentic stories set in different spectacular locations across the UK.

We have recently discovered podcasts as a wonderful way to keep the children entertained on long car journeys. The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover was a perfect example of this. The storyline was engaging and easy to relate to. They feature an all-star cast of acting talent and experts on the outdoors. It's a mystery drama podcast, aimed at the whole family. It's recorded in Binaural Sound and Land Rover have worked with  Tony and Olivier award-winning sound pioneer Gareth Fry.

We found the The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover to be really enjoyable. The storyline was engaging and we finished each episode wanting to know what happened in the next one! It's always good to be left wanting more with a podcast or story. The children both enjoyed listening to a story which included locations across the UK that they have both visited. I thought that the plot twists were particularly spectacular, and the people the characters met throughout the tale were really interesting. I don't want to give away any spoilers, so you'll have to listen to find out who they are!

If you're looking for something to keep the children entertained in the car, then I would definitely recommend listening to The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover. It's especially fun if you're heading out on an adventure that day and getting out to explore the British Countryside.
Disclosure: This blog post is in collaboration with Buzzoole and Land Rover Discovery.