Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set Review

Hot Wheels' latest track set, the Roto Revolution has been a huge hit in our household. We were recently sent it to review, and the children have really enjoyed putting it through its paces! The set comes with two cars (ours had a pink and a blue car), which is great if you have siblings who want to play against each other.

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set Review

Everything you need is inside the box, apart from the batteries. If you've bought Hot Wheels before, then you'll know that D batteries are the ones you will need. This kit requires four batteries. The kit is incredibly simple to put together and is definitely one of the easiest that I have constructed.

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set

What they say
"Hot Wheels Roto Revolution will test your skills in a head-to-head face off with friends. Challengers strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars into the rotating set. With perfect timing, you’ll be looping around the set and crashing and smashing into your opponent’s cars in no time! Last man standing in the loop wins! Launch into action with this interactive, strategic, skill based track set with the fast action you expect from Hot Wheels. Includes 2 launchers and 2 Hot Wheels!"
RRP £49.99
Suitable for ages 5+

Hot Wheels car

What I really love about this set is that it tests a childs accuracy, speed and timing. They have to launch the car at exactly the right time for it to enter in to the loop. Once both cars are into the loop then it simply is a battle to see whose car can survive the longest inside the loop. The last one standing wins!

Roto Revolution

Both my children have really enjoyed their Hot Wheels battles with this set. It's good fun, and requires a decent level of skill to get the cars in the loop at the same time. As the set comes with two separate launchers and two cars, it was great that there were no arguments about who got to press the buttons. The cars are propelled at a good speed in the loop and we loved racing against each other to see who would be the winner.

This is a newly launched toy, just in time for Christmas. It would be a great present for any Hot Wheels fan! For more information, check out Hot Wheels website.

Disclosure: We were provided with this set for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair. All opinions are my own.