Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit Review

We're big fans of Hot Wheels in this house and were really impressed with the Track Builder we recently were sent to try out. It has a motorised bridge, and you can build accessories to attach to it. There are three main challenges, and the one we enjoyed the most was the drop. My son particularly liked trying to get the car to drop exactly into the hole, and enjoyed working out how much pressure was needed on the button to make it fall through.

Hot Wheels Track Builder System

My daughter loved the fact that you could build different parts to the tracks. The blocks are great and really add an extra dimension to the toys. It's fun for children who enjoy blocks, but also simple to put together for older children.

Hot Wheels Track Builder

What they say

With Track Builder, there's no limit to what can be created, especially now that it's fully brick compatible! YOU are in the driver's seat! Create your own outrageous stunts, experiment with speed and keep challenging yourself to Make it EPIC! Build and stunt your way through the motorized bridge. The Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge is the ultimate piece in your Hot Wheels world of stunting. Launch your cars when the motorised bridge arm is mid-way up! Complete an epic jump across the dangerously large gap (and evade whoever is on your tail!). You can launch 2 Hot Wheels cars through the motorized bridge and see which one conquers one of the 3 suggested challenges. Then move around the bricks and bridge and try to tackle the next challenge. The Stunt Bridge Kit has three sets in one, with multiple configurations! Combine with other track and bricks for even more fun!

RRP £49.99
Suitable for ages 5+

Hot Wheels Stunt Builder

 There are multiple configurations for the track, and it's compatible with other Hot Wheels sets too. On the inside of the box is an added monster challenge game, which was a particular hit in our household. The children loved that they could race against each other, and thankfully there weren't too many arguments, which was a huge relief for me!

This is a newly launched toy, just in time for Christmas. It would be a great present for any Hot Wheels fan! For more information, check out Hot Wheels website.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair.