Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 Review

We have been trying out the Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 to review. It's a car seat for group 2 and 3, which is for ages 3 - 12, and weight 15 - 36kg. It's an ISOfix chair, which connects directly to the ISOfix points in your car. It's a large chair, which supports your child and grows with them.

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 Review

Your child is secure in the seat using the three point car seat belt. The Kiddy Shock Absorber makes sure that it absorbs the impact, and protects the child if there were an accident or in case of having to break suddenly. The side impact on the chair is clear to see just from looking at the seat. The head and shoulder protection is optimised to be effective without obscuring the child's view.

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 in car

The chair 'grows' with your child, it's adjustable which makes it incredibly convenient. The Cruiserfix 3 can be adjusted individually to fir your child. This is wonderful if your child is not an average size. For example, my son is tall and very thin, so it is great that we can adjust the backrest to his width and the height to fit him too. I feel he is getting more support for his body shape than in many other seats.

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 honey comb 2

The covers of the chair can be removed and machine washed on a gentle cycle at 30°C. The material used in the head and shoulder areas is a high-tech energy absorbing "Honey Comb 2". What I hadn't realised is that the pattern on the seats are special and the dots in fact represent Morse Code. The message conveyed is "Kiddy - we love our kids."!


The Cruiserfix 3 has extra soft padding in the chair, which provides the maximum comfort for your child. In fact, every child who has sat in the seat has mentioned just how comfy it is! The materials used in the padding also helps to regulate your child's temperature and absorbs any moisture that might be around your child.

The Dimensions of the Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 are:
Minimum: H 65 x W 55 x D 45 cm
Maximum: H 83 x W 64 x D 50 cm
Weight: approx. 7.6 kg

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 head and shoulder protection

The leg rest adjusts to ensure that your child travels in comfort. I haven't used another seat with this feature before, but I love it, and I think it's really good for protecting your seats. My children have a habit of putting their feet on the seats, and with the leg rest extended, it makes it difficult to do, and obviously means your children are more comfortable.

Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 adjustable leg rest

The Cruiserfix 3 is priced from £199.00 and is available in a eight different colours. The colour we received is Nougat Brown, which wouldn't be my first choice of colour, but it is nice enough and my son isn't at all bothered by what colour he received.

We have been trying out the seat for five months now and really put it through its paces. The pros as far as we are concerned are that the seat is the most comfortable either of children have ever used. I am confident that the Cruiserfix 3 is as safe as a chair can possibly be. It is incredibly simple to fit in the car, and the ISOfix attachment changes colour when it is correctly fixed. The support for a child sitting in the seat is fantastic. The arm rests are great and ensure that your child is comfortable in the car.

The cons that we discovered are that the chair is a little tricky to adjust the height on. You have to get just right in order for it to work, and I have found it takes a few days. The Cruiserfix 3 is a large chair due to the side impact protection, which would mean that you would be unable to fit three seats in the back of your car if you had three of them in a row.

Overall, we absolutely love the Kiddy Cruiserfix 3, and will be purchasing one for our daughter too. For more information on the range, check out Kiddy's website.

Disclosure: We were provided with a Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 for the purpose of this review. My post is honest and fair and all opinions are my own.