Gift guide for an 8 year old boy

I have to admit that this age is the one I have found the hardest to buy for my son. He's obsessed with football, which makes life relatively easy, but seemingly there are only so many different football things you can get a boy this age! Thankfully, he helped me out with an extensive list, so at least I had some idea of what to buy. First up are some football boots. These are the adidas X 17.4 boots. They've got a cushioned insole and padded ankle collar for great comfort. These are going to look amazing on the football pitch! I bought these from Sports Direct, but they are also available on Amazon

adidas X 17.4 Childrens FG Football Boots

This wall climbing car looks incredible. It uses vacuum suction to stay attached to some unlikely surfaces, like walls and ceilings. You can drive it in the dark as the headlights light up in the dark. This looks like so much fun and we can't wait to try it out on Christmas Day! This was sent to us by Find Me a Gift and it retails at £19.99, although it's currently on offer at £11.99. 

Wall climbing car

Match Attax are the bane of my life. They are everywhere! But my son absolutely loves them, so I couldn't get through Chrismas without buying him some! I thought that this from Swap and Store box from Amazon would kill two birds with one stone and clear up some of the Match Attax in our house! I also thought that this F2 Football Academy book would be brilliant for him. He's just started watching them on YouTube and he is obsessed with their videos. This is their latest book, and again, I bought this on Amazon

Match attax and F2

My aunt bought my son a subscription to Match magazine last year, and it's been a wonderful gift. He absolutely loves receiving a new copy each week, and without fail he will sit quietly and read it as soon as it arrives! So The Match Annual is a no-brainer for him. It's an annual that he has had for a few years running, so he often sits and reads them in his room. The Match Annual 2018 is available on Amazon.

match annual 2018

The final item in the gift list is this ipad case called EvoPlay from Tech21. This is a fantastic case with really vibrant colours which offers unbeatable drop protection. It's made from Flex Shock foam and is completely dishwasher proof, which I think is wonderful. It is priced at £39.99, which might be more expensive than other cases, but offers incredible protection for your child's device!

Although there isn't that much variety in the gifts that he has requested, I know he'll be very pleased with the things that he has got. I guess that buying for him is hard purely because there's not much choice when it is all football!

Disclosure: We were sent the wall climbing car and the EvoPlay case for the purpose of this post. The remainder of the items I purchased myself. Amazon links are affiliate.