The Phoenix Comic Review

We have been reviewing The Phoenix Comic for the past few months and both children are really enjoying it. The Phoenix is a comic for children, the majority of whom are between six and twelve, although I really quite enjoy reading it too, so it will appeal to older and younger people too.

The Phoenix Comic

My son really loves to read Bunny vs Monkey and finds the stories and illustrations really engaging. In each issue there are a different range of stories. There are a couple which are serialised over a few weeks, which leaves your child wanting more each week. The Phoenix Presents books are full graphic novels of these stories, and mean they can tell the stories in more depth and higher quality than many other comics.

Reading The Phoenix

My daughter loves history, and the non-fiction series called Corpse Talk is one of her favourites. In these stories famous people from history are dug up and interviewed about their life and achievements. It's really interesting, and the illustrations are fantastic too.

The magazine comes addressed to your child, which is a really nice touch. The subscription we have is for my son, but I often find my daughter curled up in a quiet corner reading The Phoenix. She definitely loves it just as much as he does, and it's great that it isn't a gendered magazine.

gift subscription for Christmas

For my readers, I have a code which will give you a fantastic 10% off a gift subscription to The Phoenix Comic. The code you need for this fabulous discount is 'Helpful10' and it is applicable on gift subscriptions. You need to use it before the 24th of December to receive the 10% discount. One of the best Christmas presents my children have ever received is a magazine subscription. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, with a new magazine arriving every week. I think that as your children get a little older, they really appreciate receiving something every week rather than just once on Christmas Day.

My absolute favourite thing about The Phoenix is that it does not have adverts from 3rd parties like other magazines. I am also pleased that there are no cheap toys attached to the front of it every week! We are big fans of The Phoenix in our house and it has been really nice to see just how much both children enjoy reading it. Anything which encourages them to read is fantastic in my book!

Disclosure: We received a subscription to The Phoenix Comic for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair. All opinions are my own.