Your YouTube #150

This is the final Your YouTube. It's been really good fun hosting this, firstly with Lisa from HollyBobbs (whose baby it was), and then by myself. It's been running for four years now, which is pretty impressive. In that time, so many different vloggers have linked up their videos. I have enjoyed finding new channels and creating a wonderful community, which is willing to support each other and look out for others. I absolutely love what it has become. I feel like it has reached a natural end, and I'm sorry about that. There are so many other linkies out there now, which there weren't when Lisa started this, and it's increasingly difficult to stand out. Thank you so much everyone for making this enjoyable, and for helping our community to grow. I am going to be using the time I would have spent on Your YouTube to comment on more videos, so I am sure I will still be watching all of your videos.

Laura Side Street

The video I chose for the final week comes from Laura Side Street. She talks about what she things about the new changes to YouTube monetisation. This is going to have an impact on so many smaller channels, and it's a huge change for YouTube to make. There is obviously a need for them to do something rather drastic as there are so many people stealing content and making money from it. With any luck, this should cut that down massively, but not without having an impact on the smaller channels. I feel like this is a good discussion to end Your YouTube on. I would definitely recommend you watch Laura's video and continue the debate over on her channel. My tuppence worth is that even a small channel can meet the watch time and subscriber numbers. I have been lucky with my evergreen content that it has done well, so my watch time is high, and I thankfully have over the 1,000 subscriber mark. It definitely is possible even as a small channel.

On to the linky, please make sure you link up no more than two videos and comment on at least two others (if you have time to comment on more than that then that's great). I shall watch and comment on every video linked up, and I'll also share them on Twitter. Obviously I won't be picking one for next week, as there won't be another one of these.