Disneyland and Rugby - What has made me happy #145

Wow, what a week we had in half term. The children are back to school this week, and I am enjoying a little bit of peace and quiet! We had such a lovely week though, which included a trip to London and also Disneyland! Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week.

Yorkshire Dales snowDali lobster phone

Snow! We had a heavy dusting of snow on the Sunday night, and woke up to find our little corner of the world was white again. Aside from a minor panic about whether or not we would be able to drive to get our train, it was really nice to see!

We grabbed a moment when we were in London to go to the Tate Modern. It's always a risk with children as to whether or not they will enjoy an art gallery, but they both had art homework to do, so we went to research artists! My favourite item was this lobster phone by Dali. I am a big fan of surrealism, and this really makes me smile!

London skyline at night

We walked across the Millennium Bridge in London with the children at dusk and the London skyline really made me happy. It is so beautiful and we stopped for a moment just to take it all in. The Shard looks incredible, and Tower Bridge in the distance too.

St Paul's Cathedral at night

We went to have dinner with Jo from Kids Days Out Reviews as she was in London at the same time. The hostel she stayed in was next to St Paul's Cathedral, and we headed to Pizza Express there for dinner. It was so lovely to catch up, and our children really enjoyed playing together. It was a really nice night.

Disneyland Paris castleDisneyland Paris parade

Spending time together as a family at Disneyland Paris. Last time we went, the children were six and four and I think they were a bit overwhelmed. This year they were both exactly the right age and height for all of the rides. My daughter is a speed demon and absolutely loves upside down rides, much to my initial despair, but it turned out I love them too, which was definitely a surprise to me! If you would like to watch my vlogs from our time there, then check out my YouTube channel.

Disneyland Dreams Fireworks

The fireworks at Disneyland made me so happy. Honestly, watching them made my heart sing. If there's one thing Disney do well, it's a show with fireworks and fountains! We only watched them on one evening, but it was my favourite night there.

rugby reflections

Watching my son play rugby. Yes, I was cold, yes I couldn't feel my feet by the end of it, but watching him play with passion beats all of that! I couldn't help snapping this picture with the reflection in the mud.