CBeebies The Tempest

CBeebies have filmed and produced The Tempest and it will be live twice on Good Friday, both at 9.20am and 4.00pm. We were incredibly lucky to be invited over to Huddersfield to the  Lawrence Batley Theatre to be part of the audience who watched it being filmed live. It was an amazing experience, which all of us really enjoyed. The cast features all the favourite CBeebies presenters and stars, alongside Patrick Robinson as Prospero.

One thing I think that CBeebies does incredibly well is their adaptations of Shakespeare's plays. The Tempest uses original Shakespeare text, but the story is told in a way which is perfect for families and preschoolers. The show is full of magic, songs, music and laughter.

Steven Kynman plays William Shakespeare, with backstage help from Swashbuckle’s Captain Captain, Jennie Dale. Her voice is absolutely incredible and I was blown away by her singing. My daughter even thought it wasn't her singing in real life because it was so good! Andy Day takes on the fantastical Shakespearean role of the island monster Caliban while Justin Fletcher is the comical King’s jester, Trinculo. With Patrick Robinson as Prospero, and Annette Badland as his good friend Gonzala, CBeebies The Tempest brings together an amazing cast to perform one of Shakespeare’s most loved plays.
CBeebies The Tempest Cast
 Set on an island not far from Italy, the play tells the story of Prospero, one time Duke of Milan who lives with his daughter, Miranda, their monster servant Caliban and a magical, musical and mostly invisible sprite called Ariel. The Tempest will be on CBeebies on Good Friday at 9.20am and 4.00pm. We had an amazing time watching The Tempest being filmed, and we are really looking forward to seeing what the finished show looks like. I would definitely recommend to the whole family that you watch it.