Dear Beautiful Boy | Now You are 9

You turned nine this week, which seems so grown up. You are funny, charming, sporty and intelligent. From September to May, our weekend mornings are spent standing beside touchlines watching you play sport, either football or rugby. You will still watch absolutely ever sport you see on TV, and I think you're especially looking forward to the World Cup this year.

dear beautiful boy

In the past few months you have chosen your football team, and whilst we're not exactly thrilled with your choice, we're happy you've found a team you identify with. You are at your happiest when you are playing football, and it's great that you now play outside without us. Not that we don't want to play with you, but that sometimes we simply don't have time. We did have a lot of fun making your snowman goalie Eric in the fantastic snow we've had this year.

snowman goalie

You are really enjoying rugby as well, and this season has been your first contact season. I wasn't sure whether you would love it or hate it, but thankfully you are thriving in it. In October you scored a spectacular try at halftime on the pitch of a National game. I was so very proud of you, and sadly totally managed not to capture it on camera in my excitement!

Your school are still very impressed with you. You work hard, concentrate in all your subjects and love being at school. You have a lovely group of friends, and your friendships have deepened over the past year. I love how confident your friendships have made you, and you really care for your friends.

boy reading

 You're growing up and looking for more independence. We're now letting you walk to school by yourself in the morning, and occasionally go to the park if you're with friends. This is definitely one of the harder parts of parenting, but I am learning to let you go. You are so, so happy with being able to walk to school, and you've been there earlier than us every day since you started! You're also helping out more at home, and I know that I can rely on you if there are any chores which need doing.

Brother and sister

You and your sister still fight a lot of the time, and sometimes your behaviour does test me, but I think it's largely because you know exactly what you need to do to wind me up! You also have a rather bad habit of stealing sweets if we leave them anywhere, which I am hoping you will grow out of. You are, however, fiercely protective of your sister and will look after her if anyone threatens her. I love this trait in you, and the three of us had a break together in October and really got to know each other better, which was lovely.

Playing tennis

I love watching the person you are and how well you are growing up. You're a wonderful little boy, whose humour and wit has flourished in the past year. Sporty, funny, caring and a good friend. You are so, so loved little man.

I love you.