Feed Their Playful Nature with Munch Bunch #ad

We were challenged by BritMums and Munch Bunch to see if we could feed the playful nature of our children. We were sent a selection of Munch Bunch fromage frais to try out, and the children were very excited to pitch their own jokes to us to see if they could make us laugh! I haven't ever bought yogurt pouches before, but they looked as though they could be incredibly useful, so I was excited for the children to try them out.

Feed Their Playful Nature

Children have a wonderful imagination and Munch Bunch is there to feed their playful nature.  Munch Bunch Organic, owned by NestlĂ©, is an accessible organic fromage frais brand, with a strong commitment to nutrition. It promotes creativity and independent spirit, curiosity and exploration, which are necessary to the development of a child and their personality.

Eating Munch Bunch pouches

The Munch Bunch pouches were the perfect after-school snack when the children invited their friends over after school. The pouches are so convenient and meant that the children didn't need to take much of a break from their games outdoors in order to have their fromage frais. I was handed four empty pouches very quickly and they all gave their seal of approval! Then the boys went straight back to playing football and the girls headed back to the trampoline.

Munch Bunch organic pouches

 My daughter got a bit imaginative with her Munch Bunch and decided to create a face from the yoghurt.  It made us all giggle when she came up with the idea and the face started to form. She certainly enjoyed eating it afterwards as well! Her joke wasn't quite there though, "Why did the yoghurt face smile? Because it was Munch Bunch"!

Munch Bunch smiley faces

We had a lot of fun trying to come up with some jokes to tie in with the campaign. My son's favourite that he came up with was "what do you call a granola bar with its own golf course? A granola par". I think quite possibly the children's joke skill are not what I had hoped they would be, but they are only 9 and 7. I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite jokes instead (although I didn't make it up). Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaarrrrrrgggghhh! Makes me giggle every single time!

Munch bunch organic floral

The Munch Bunch fromage frais pouches and small pots were a huge hit in our household and I loved how simple the pouches were. They made a fantastic after-school snack and would be perfect in lunch boxes. I love the concept of feeding children's playful nature. As parents our role is to encourage our children's imagination and playfulness and occasionally it's important to be reminded of that.

Disclosure : I’m working with Munch Bunch Organic and BritMums promoting the #FeedTheirPlayfulNature campaign sponsored by Munch Bunch Organic. Visit https://www.facebook.com/munchbunchdairy/ for more advice and tips.