Saving water this summer #ad #ReasonsToSave

Yorkshire Water have challenged me to cut our water consumption drastically this summer! It's a tough challenge, but one that I am willing to try. The average person uses 140 litres of water per day, and our family is going to try and only use 100 litres each per day. A whole 40 litres less than average. That's really quite a lot less when you think of it in terms of a litre jug of water. Cutting down your water usage will benefit the environment, and also enable Yorkshire Water to improve services for customers.

Running a B&B means that we obviously use more water when we have more guests. We're not going to stop them using water, but monitor our own family usage both when we have and have not got guests in. Currently I don't think we use too much water. We do save water where we can and, for instance, we have six water butts by the greenhouse which we use for watering the garden. I also only ever fill the kettle with the water we will use, and I don't run the tap whilst I am brushing my teeth.

We were away when this photo was taken on Monday. We knew that was the day we were starting the challenge, and it just so happened that my husband and I were away that night. I made the most of knowing that I could fill up a bath in a hotel and it wouldn't impact on the challenge! It's rare that I enjoy a bath this deep, and I certainly won't be at home whilst we attempt the challenge!

You can order a free water saving pack from Yorkshire Water and also check out their website for loads of other useful tips on how to save water. I know I will be checking out the website in the next few weeks to see where I can save more water. We started the challenge on Monday and I think we're doing okay so far. I think the main test for us all will be how long we stay in the shower for. Included in the free pack from Yorkshire Water is a handy shower timer. It's set for four minutes, and is just long enough for a shower when I tested it! I read that spending one minute less in the shower could save £100 a year, which is an incredible saving, so if we can all manage to cut down then we're well on the way!

I'm interested to see how much we can manage to save, and if we are able to keep under 100 litres per person. The challenge has got us all thinking about how much water we use and why we use it. Even the children are telling us to turn taps off, or not to use so much, we're all getting involved. I really hope we can manage to cut down on our water consumption and, a few days in, I am still looking forward to it!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Water